Which license should I buy?#

Business license - use when you have company and above 100k $ income. Else use license for Individuals

My cloth goes through character body#

Make sure you enabled cloth collision on both garment mesh and character body:

  • Garment collision: Physics tab -> Cloth properties -> Collision tab)
  • Character body: Physics tab -> Collision

Collision Settings Collision settings that are good if you character has proper dimensions (is around 2 meters high)

My cloth are falling on floor too fast#

Is is because gravity is pulling cloth too strong. See: 'Initialize Simulation' button

There are ugly gaps between sewing patterns#

Blenders cloth 'Self collisions' may cause that. Try reducing cloth 'Self Collisions' DISTANCE parameter, or disable it completely, if you do not need it.

Collision Settings There is visible gap visible here, caused by cloth Self Collisions

Note - There will be always some small gap visible between two sewing patterns. This is just how blender stitching works. To remove the gap completely see paragraph below.

How to finalize simulated garment?#

This will bake current state of cloth simulation into mesh vertices. Is is destructive operation, so you may want to copy your garment object first.

  • Apply all modifiers on cloth mesh
  • To remove sewing edges: switch your selection mode to Edge type only
  • then press 'spacebar' (or F3) -> use 'Select Non Manifold' -> with only 'Wire' edges enabled,
  • then press 'X' -> 'Collapse edges' -> to merge sewing edges into one point. This will remove gaps from in between sewing patterns.

From now on mesh is ready to be sculpted on. You can use 'alt+J' - hotkey in mesh edit mode do merge tris into quad, for better sculpting topology.