Managing group visibility

When you edit group you can isolate it from background using 'Isolate Edited Group' button.

Isolate Group Hidding all objects except the ones that are in edited group

In the addon preferences - View tab there is option for two modes if isolating edited groups.

Isolate view mode:

  • History - Use edition history list for isolation of edited group objects,
  • Collection depth - Use collection nesting depth for isolation of edited objects

Lets say we have group, made from four nested subgroups (three at second level plus one at third level) like on image below: Isolate Group Number describes the depth of nesting of subgroups

We open groups in following order: Isolate Group

Changing visibility depth value, when using Collection depth setting: Isolate Group Edited Groups are revealed depending on theirs nesting depth

Changing visibility depth value, when using History depth setting: Isolate Group Groups are revealed in reverse order of opening them