Creating Proxies for group will create low-poly version of current group objects , and use it for displaying in viewport. Original group objects are not being affected, and can be brought back with 'Proxy Switch' button.

Create Proxy

Create Proxy Generating proxy for selected group There are three methods for generating low poly version of proxy object under F9 hotkey:

  • Convex Hull (Fastest) - but gives crude approximation of hi-poly mesh.
  • Only Decimate - use Decimate modifier
  • Remesh And Decim(Slow) - use remesh modifier and Decimate - useful in some cases

Proxy Switch

Create Proxy Generating proxy for selected group

Proxy Switch - will lets you switch form original object to proxy, and vice versa.

Delete Proxy

Create Proxy Removes proxy for selected group

Removes Proxy object, and unlinks it from original collection.