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GroupPro was made because default blender group instances are powerful, but they are not user friendly to work with. With GroupPro I managed to get rid of all annoying features of group instances:

  • you can edit any collection instances on scene, not just the 'source' one
  • you can work in recursive way - group instances, can be made of other subgroups, which can be made of subgroups etc.
  • subgroup can be edited and saved, with all instances updated in real-time
  • easy mirroring of selected groups (fixes group instance mirror bug in blender)
  • adjusting origin of group, without destroying positions of other instances placed in scene, or in another groups
  • dissolving groups into individual objects
  • making groups unique - un-instances selected group, while preserving its structure
  • ability to edit linked libraries groups
  • ability to create proxy version of group (lowpoly version for faster viewport navigation)

This makes working with huge scenes with lots of objects easy and gives all the pros of group instances:

  • less memory memory usage
  • easy selection of multiple objects with one click

Video Tutorial

For blender 2.79 but lots of things are the same in Blender2.8


To install GroupPro you need zip file from your Gumroad account.
Then, inside Blender, go to:

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons, and click 'Install' button.

GroupPro Installation

And navigate to (for Blender 2.8) file location.


GroupPro has build in auto updater. When you use it, updater will download latest GroupPro release and install in background. To use auto updater go to:

  • Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> GroupPro -> press 'Check for update'.

GroupPro Update In new version is found, press 'Update addon' button, wait few seconds for download, installation and restart blender. Or you download update manually by getting new zip file from your Gumroad account. You should have received download link to zip file, with email when you purchased GroupPro.


GroupPro pie menu:

  • 'Ctrl+X' hotkey (can be changed in addon preferences).

Addon panel location:

  • 3D View, right Sidebar(N): "GroupPro" tab (tab also can be changed in preferences).

GroupPro Location


For support or bug reports use this discord server.

Note -Do no use group offset feature, form group panel. Group offset is used by script for calculating data, and it should be never edited by hand. If you do so, group offset will be calculated in wrong way, which will result in incorrect display of group instances.