Ribbon operations:

Curve Simplify

Curve Simplify Curve Simplify- Allows to reduce point count. Good for reducing polycount on hairs

Resample Curve

Resample Curve Resample Curve. Allows to increase/decrease number of points each curve is made of

Parameters (F9):

  • Points per strand - How many points each spline will have after resampling
  • Offset to tip - Move spline points more toward tip
  • Offset to root - Move spline points more toward root
  • Equal point count - When disabled, shorter splines will have less points
  • Uniform Spacing - Equalize distance between points when resampling

Smooth Curve

Smooth Curve Smooth Curve - smooth strand points (eg. to reduce noise)

Adjust Length

Smooth Curve

Straighten Curve

Straighten Curve - Straighten strands. You can control influence of straighten over strand length, with: transition offset and contrast parameters

Smooth Tilt

Smooth Tilt Smooth Tilt does what is says

Taper Curve

Taper Curve

Taper Curve - change strands radius over length

Radius from length

Radius from length - change strands radius depending on its length. You can control min and max radius; transition: threshold and smoothness

Align Curve tilt

Align Curve tilt Align Curve tilt - lets you align cure tilt to target object surface.

Randomize Curve Tilt

Randomize Curve Tilt Randomize Curve Tilt - change curve tilt over its length

Select Tips/Roots

Select Tips/Roots - lets you select first/last points on curves. You have option to randomize selection, or limit it by strand length.

Slice Using Mesh

Slice Using Mesh - you can cut curves using mesh. Option is located at the very bottom of HTool pie menu