Hair Modeling

'Hair Modeling' button is located in 3d view -> left toolbar.


You can model hair curves, in natural way, using 'Chain' mode in which you move hair endings, while preserving hair curve length. Or you can 'Normal' mode where you adjust selection with proportional editing.

There are also some basic helper tools:

  • duplicate splines
  • delete/cut splines
  • deform splines using Linear Deformer
  • adjust tilt and taper

On of the reasons for this tool being located in object mode, is to avoid default messy drawing of points, when modeling splines in edit mode: ht_hair_grooming


Note: Switching to Hair Modeling Tool will override some default blender 3d view shorcuts. To select other objects use Ctrl+RMB In round brackets I marked optional modifier keys eg. (Alt).

Hotkey Function
Ctrl+MWheel Offset selection
(Shift)+RMB Select Points
(Alt)+A (de)Select All
(Alt)+B+LMB Box (de)Select
(Alt)+C Circle (de)Select
Ctrl+I Invert Selection
G, R, S Transform spline
Ctr+(Alt)+LMB Lasso (de)Select
X, Del Delete Selected
Ctrl+D Linear Deformer
Shift+D Duplicate strands
Alt+S Adjust Radius
Alt+R Reset Radius
Ctrl+T Adjust Tilt
Alt+T Reset Tilt

Offset selection

Change which point along the strand length you can select by holding Ctrl and scrolling with MMB

Linear Deformer

Rotate, bend, scale, move selected curves using on screen gizmo - Ctrl+D (special thanks to Mira Tools developer for letting me include modified version of his tool in HTool)

Duplicate and Delete

You can duplicate (Shift+D) or delete (X, Del) any selected splines