Hair Tool 3 (for Blender 3.6 and above)

Hair Tool

Hair Tool is Blender add-on for creating hair cards based on 3d curves.

This add-on will help you procedurally generate hair card with UV's, bake them to real geometry curves and then tweak with modeling tools:

And more!

Quick Start

Fastest way to get started with Hair Tool:

  • One minute Hair Setup - quickest way to create hair using hair draw feature (no speedup)
  • Two minute Hair Setup - basics hairstyle with split, and grooming
  • hair SubSystem types - first step when you want to generate hair - click [+] in Hair System panel
  • Hair Deformers - they affect hair look, can be stacked one after another. I would suggest to at least browse through the list of deformers to get idea what they do.
  • Input Masks - any Deformer input can be masked by eg: vertex group, texture, length etc. (you can create stack of masks)
  • Define/Modify UVs - resize or add new UV regions to map your haircards.
  • Finalize Hair - the last step before exporting hair to game engine or rendering in Blender. Convert curve hair to mesh haircards (with .
Video Tutorials

Often longer videos

Other online Tutorials
Add-on location

Hair Tool Pie Menu Hair Tool Pie Menu and panels in right Sidebar(N)

  • It is best to use addon from Ctrl+Shift+H Pie Menu (hotkey can be changed in preferences).
  • There is also Hair Tool panel - located in right Sidebar(N): "Hair Tool" tab.
  • Last but not least, you can find Hair Tool Modeling Tool in left sidebar(T) in - see icon outlined in yellow on the image above.


To install Hair Tool you need zip file from your Gumroad account. Then, inside Blender, go to:

  • Edit > Preferences > Add-ons, and click 'Install' button.

And navigate to file location.

Installation For Blender 3.6 use hair_tool_3.x zip files!


Hair Tool has build-in auto updater which will download and install the latest add-on release. To use auto updater go to:

  • Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Hair Tool > press Check for update.

If new version is found, press Update addon button, wait few seconds and restart blender.

Note: To prevent excessive email notifications and minimize spam, I publish smaller updates and bug fixes without increasing the version number. When enough new features or fixes are implemented, I release a new official version with an increased release number. If you want to get the 'smaller' bugfixes but the addon shows that you already have the latest version, use Reinstall Current Version. This will download the smaller incremental bug fixes..

You can also download updates manually by getting new zip file from your Gumroad account. You should have received download link to zip file, with email when you purchased Hair Tool.

Update Addon Checking for new version of Hair Tool from Preferences panel


  • You can't move vertices in curve Edit Mode, if 'Strands Overlay' is enabled. This is due to bug in Blender - reported here.
  • If you use 'Add' brush in hair curve Sculpt Mode, profile will not be visible on new strands. This is due to bug in Blender - reported here. As a workaround use 'Set Radius' deformer with 'Build up' option disabled - to override haircard radius to 1.
  • No cross-profile support (X like profile - where profile is made from two crossing haircards). It is on my TODO list.
  • Undo won't work after editing curve radius in Curve Edit mode. This is due to bug in Blender - reported here. - fixed in Hair Tool directly.


Hair Colors For support or bug reports use this discord server.